Department -
Program Name Bachelor in Theological Studies, Minor in Christian Education
Program Code BThSCE.2015
Study Level Undergraduate
Years of Study 4
Credits Required 119.00

Program Description
The Lord Jesus commanded His followers to "make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you" (Mt. 28:20). James, the brother of Jesus, wrote in his epistle, "My brethren, let not many of you become teachers, knowing that we shall receive a stricter judgment" (James 3:1). The Christian Education Department exists in order to teach and train men and women called to the teaching ministry of the Church so they may disciple believers in the faith, in maturity, and in service - whether that ministry be to adults, teenagers, or children

Year 1
BS1062 Biblical Creationism
LA1040 College Learning Skills
CE1051 Financial Stewardship
GE1012 General Elective
GE1011 General Elective
PS1022 Ministry and Marriage
BS1033 New Testament Survey
BS1023 Old Testament Survey
BI1013 Pentateuch
MS1013 Personal and Mission Evangelism
SP1013 Public Speaking
CE1023 Spiritual Formation
LA1010 Writing Essentials
Year 2
BI2083 Acts
CE2013 Child Development and Education (ETA)
CE2023 Children's Ministry and Evangelism (ETA)
CEE2011 Christian Education Elective
CEE2012 Christian Education Elective
CE2022 Christian Ethics
BI2043 Hebrew History
BS2043 Hermeneutics
HI2023 History of the Christian Church I (ETA)
CO4031 Media Technology Practicum VII
BS2033 Systematic Theology I (ETA)
PS2101 The Evangelist
BI2073 The Life of Christ
Year 3
CEE3011 Christian Education Elective
CEE3012 Christian Education Elective
BI3043 Daniel and Revelation
HI3023 History of the Christian Church II
BI3053 Major Prophets
BI3033 Old Testament Poetry
PS3082 Pastoral Theology B
CE3023 Programs for Children's Ministries
BI3073 Romans and Galatians
BS3033 Systematic Theology II
Year 4
CEE4012 Christian Education Elective
CEE4011 Christian Education Elective
BI4053 Corinthians and Thessalonians
BS4023 Fundamental Theological Issues
BI4022 General Epistles
BI4012 Hebrews
MI4011 Ministry Practicum VII
MI4021 Ministry Practicum VIII
BI4013 Minor Prophets
BI4033 Pastoral Epistles
CE4062 Principles and Methods of Teaching (ETA)
BI4043 Prison Epistles
CE4023 Student Teaching (Internship)
BS4013 Systematic Theology III